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Автор Тема: [Watchingmydaughtergoblack.com] Sierra Skye (08.03.2012) MSMPEG4v3  (Прочитано 111 раз)

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[Watchingmydaughtergoblack.com] Sierra Skye (08.03.2012) MSMPEG4v3
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Имя актрисы: Sierra Skye
Номер на сайте: 08.03.2012
Подсайт и сайт: Watchingmydaughtergoblack.com

Год производства: 2012 г.
Жанр: BBW, Big Tits, blowjob,
Продолжительность: 35:52

Описание: The white man has fucked up my game once again and for the last time. Mr. Skye cost me a ton of dough and the best way to get back at him would be to do nasty shit to his angel, Sierra. You could see the look of fear in her eyes as I pulled up in my ride. I got her back to my place and she quickly relaxed when she realized that this black bull was about to take her on a ride of his own. The coast was clear for her to take my black dick all the way to its base. Things got scary when her bitch ass dad came in but he knew he's have to watch if he ever hoped to live long enough to see his grandchildren. This little white girl's pussy was tight as fuck which made it hard stuff my fat thug dick inside her. I could sense her dad wanting to kill me but white boy had enough common sense to know that I'd carve his pig ass up. Speaking of "up", Sierra's ass was up in the air as I spent minute after minute reducing her pussy into a shell of its former self but she didn't seem to mind.Those humongous teenage titties were swinging all over the place and the feeling of her tight pussy hugging my black dick made me drop a huge bomb of black jizz while daddy cracker watched.

Видео: MSMPEG4v3 640x368 1465kbps
Аудио: Windows Media Audio 22050Hz stereo 56kbps
405.08 Mb   

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