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Автор Тема: Spread Eagle  (Прочитано 198 раз)

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Spread Eagle
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Spread Eagle

Stars: Brandi Wine, Victoria Vixen, Allison Parrish

Welcome to Prison Camp 9-Z. The year is 2007 and America has forsaken it s belief in democracy for self-righteous fascism, complete with makeshift Federal camps for those who don’t quite measure up to the high moral standards of the Government. Any female caught committing carious acts of indecency by the puritanical powers that be are treated to a full regimen of corporal punishment to curb their sexual appetites.
Caught committing oral sodemy, Amada Suarex is a big-breasted brunette who has a taste for cock. Now she’s in camp 9-Z where she will be broken of her carnal urges. Amanda is stripped naked and hung spread eagle, her ample breasts are covered with clothespins by a tough looking female prison guard who is bent on breaking her of her promiscuous ways. The guard then produces a huge phallus which has roughly shoved in the helpless girls mouth, emphasizing that this very act was what got her in trouble in the. Not yet satisfied with the prisoner’s level of gag filled contrition, the guard moves on to a leather flail which she uses to firmly chastise her prisoners sinful flesh. When Amanda begins to beg for mercy, her mouth is sealed with a huge ball gag she is roughly introduced to the sadistic camp counselor, a religious zealot with even more zeal for punishing wicked girls than for religion. With a cattle prod, a hose and two quarts of water, , Amanda is given a painful cleansing inside and out shell never forget.
Another prisoner is Kate Pope, a hot little blonde who is guilty of nothing less than masturbating in her own home. Video taped playing with herself through an open window; horny Kate is arrested and dragged off kicking and screaming to Camp 9-Z for a little training in self-control. Treated to an abuse filled interrogation on a dirty back room mattress, she is bound and utterly helpless, used as the lesbian plaything by the cruel female guard. Next she is strung up in a number of humiliating positions, flogged and roughly groped. Kate quickly learns the consequences of her immoral behavior will not be pleasant. This is a frightening and sexy story of power perverted.

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