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Автор Тема: Kristen Scott - The Grade (PureTaboo.com) 7.12.17/1080p  (Прочитано 154 раз)

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Kristen Scott - The Grade (PureTaboo.com) 7.12.17/1080p
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Актриса: Kristen Scott
Название: The Grade
Подсайт и сайт: PureTaboo.com
Дата выхода: 7.12.17
Brunette, Piercings, Hardcore, Natural Tits, Fingering, Teen, College, Older / Younger,
 Pussy Licking, Pussy to mouth
Teen Student Fucks Her Teacher after Blackmailing Him
The scene opens on Veronica, an 18-year-old high school student, as she sits in her darkened room. Her bed is
 littered with school books, notepads, tissues and scrunched up papers ... including a term paper she recently got
 back from her teacher. Despite all her efforts, Mr. Pullman has given her a failing grade and the teenager is
 devastated. She sits slouched over, in the middle of the bed, with a boxcutter in her hand, tempting fate by
 tracing the blade back and forth across her skin. The door knocks, startling the girl. From outside, her mother
 softly asks if she will come out of her room now. Veronica screams no. The mother pleads with her, telling her
 to please just unlock the door and come downstairs. It's only one semester she'll have to repeat ... she can
 even do it over the summer. Veronica tells her mom to leave her alone and wipes her eyes. She picks up the
 term paper and stares at it hard, before ripping it to shreds. 'There is no fucking way I'm failing this year
 because of you,' she mutters.A tea kettle whistles. Mr. Pullman, dressed comfortably at home, comes into
 the kitchen and takes the kettle off the stove. He pours himself a cup of tea and, poking his head around
 the corner, yells up to his wife that's he's going to spend some quiet time alone in his study. He still has so
 many papers to grade.The man walks into his study and sits down on the couch, a stack of papers neatly
 organized in front of him alongside his grading pen and laptop. You get the sense that he is very organized.
 He picks up a paper and begins to go through it when the door knocks. Surprised, he walks over to the door
 and opens it to reveal Veronica standing there. She has cleaned herself up and is neatly dressed, a stark
 contrast to how she looked before. When he asks what she is doing at his house, the girl invites herself
 inside and informs Mr. Pullman that she needs to speak with him. It's urgent. He shuts the door and
 follows her back inside, cautiously looking over his shoulder to see if his wife has heard. The house
 remains still.He invites the girl to sit down on the couch and takes a seat on his arm chair, giving
 adequate distance between them. He asks again what she is doing at his house on a Friday night.
 How did she even get his address? This is generally not considered acceptable by school policy.
 Veronica apologizes for the intrusion and, speaking very politely, asks her teacher if he can simply
 explain to her why he gave the failing grade on her term paper. Mr. Pullman takes a breath before
 launching into his explanation, highlighting all the historical inaccuracies she gave and hinting that
 he suspected plagiarism. Veronica stares at him coldly, asking him to repeat himself several times.
 She picks up some of the papers he has neatly stacked and belligerently asks if these are plagiarized
 as well. She starts to randomly read them and make comments as she throws the papers around his
 room. Frustrated, especially when she starts to rip up pages, Mr. Pullman grabs her wrist and throws
 her back down on the couch. He orders her to stop and tells her that his wife is upstairs. She cannot
 just come into his house and disrupt everything like this because of a bad grade.

Размер: 1,93 Гб
Формат: MP4
Разрешение: 1920х1080
Продолжительность: 01:00:15

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