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Автор Тема: Intterrogatio 39 Die Entflohene  (Прочитано 181 раз)

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Intterrogatio 39 Die Entflohene
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Intterrogatio 39 Die Entflohene

This is the story about a young nun called Agnes. After she has been suffering for a long time under the overbearing reverend mother at the cloister, Agnes managed to escape from the sisterhood. Now she is free, but this still does not mean luck for the young girl, as she is weak from hunger. Agnes tries to survive by begging when she is peddling from one door to the next. One day the guards arrest her. She is brought to the inquisitorial judges in the witches tower, where the reverend mother finds out that she is the absconder who has broken her oath. As Agnes denies her and that she has been one of the cloisters sisters, because she is afraid of more corporal punishment, the Inquisitor decides that Agnes must be interrogated to find out the truth. Under the pain by slapping and fire she soon begins to talk, and she is telling them the whole story of her escape. It is hard to believe, but it is true: wherever she asked for help, she just was humiliated, abused or tormented for the pleasure of her affluent hosts in response. And also in the torture cellar of the inquisition there will be no mercy for her. Finally the garotte becomes her worst nightmare, where she is driven mad by the sadistic torturers..
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