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Автор Тема: Domina Planet, Queen Aryal: Making You My Cum Dumpster (1080p).  (Прочитано 197 раз)

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Re: Domina Planet, Queen Aryal: Making You My Cum Dumpster (1080p).
« : 17 Сентября 2021, 21:54:43 »

 Queen Aryal is pegging Her slave to help prepare him for the new role that She has for him. She explains this to him as he is bound to a bondage bench, blindfolded and helplessly bent over with his sissy pussy open for his Mistress' business. She greases up Her strap-on, and generously coats the slave, finger fucking him as well, making him moan. "I'm gonna fuck you like a bitch!" She spanks him hard, leaving a hand print on his ass cheek.
 As She slowly slides Her cock into him, She explains what She has in store for him: "It's not always going to be my cock, sissy. You're going to be a cum dumpster whore. Do you like my cock balls deep in your pussy? You like my cock you little whore? You need to learn how to take 4 cocks at once, sissy bitch. You're gonna be giving gang bangs!"
 "I want you to call Me Step-Daddy. Say ' Please spank me Step-Daddy!'". "You have to take my cock as deep as I want it in your pussy, bitch." He keeps screwing up and calling Her Mistress, which angers Her and She unleashes more spanks onto his ass. "It's STEP-DADDY, BITCH! Take it deep! Say 'Thank You for destroying my pussy, Step-Daddy!". She finally walks off and leaves the slut to contemplate his (or her?) future.

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