The art of trampling"


163 EXTREME "The art of trampling"

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163 EXTREME "The art of trampling" EXTREME

90 mins - 29.90 EUR



Starring: Margo, Sabrina and Cucciolo 

Cucciolo asks 2 of his sexiest models to come to the studio as he needs to talk to them about a serious matter. They arrive and he immediately explains his problem. He is not happy with their performances in recent videos. He thinks they are too robotic and predictable, not ever able to surprise even the least demanding customer. The girls insist this is his fault, always asking them for the same things and not letting them use their imagination. Cucciolo unsurprisingly doesn't agree with this so Margo says they will prove it to him, and show him just how inventive and imaginative they really can be whilst trampling. Cucciolo thinks this will be funny and agrees to it for just a few minutes as he is not in the mood today. He doesn't take their claims seriously, well he's about to get a shock!


As soon as Cucciolo is lay down they immediately decide to step on his legs. This is much more painful than it looks as their heels dig into his skin as these sexy girls balance their full weight on each heel. Unfortunately for Cucciolo there balance is good, so he has to take it for what seems an age each time. They move up to his thighs, using each other's bodies to balance whilst sadistically smiling to his screams. How can girls so sexy cause this much pain!


Next Margo turns to his stomach. Her sexy boots are going to cause some serious pain again as she gets on, leaning back to put all her weight on her heels. Awesome!! Sexy close-ups as Sabrina also has her turn, and her heels almost disappear into Cucciolo's sore belly too! Then Margo decides her boots are made for marching as well as walking as she marches all over his stomach now. Her lack of respect is almost a bit disturbing, but the worst thing is it just serves to inspire Sabrina to do it equally hard. Similar weight, similar heels, similar beauty, exactly the same pain! As if that isn't enough, the energetic girls now decide to jump on his little body next. His suffering is their pleasure as Margo gets amazing height as she crashes down repeatedly on his stomach. How can Cucciolo take this kind of abuse? He doesn't get a choice, and just has to lie down and brace himself! Margo never changes and seems to be trying to put permanent holes in Cucciolo.


His back won't escape the torture neither as with his hands pinned underfoot, the other assassin tramples his back. Awesome action as both girls dig their heels into his spine and also sadistically push them occasionally into the back of his head for good measure! Cucciolo doesn't know which way to turn and can't decide which is worse, having his spine smashed in or the back of his skull!! Those heels are definitely ruthless as now they are used to scratch patterns on his back, Sabrina especially enjoys this game as she draws pretty pictures in his skin and the color is always red. Margo prefers to mark him by good old fashioned trampling so jumps on and starts to trample his spine with real authority. His back is a serious mess now but it doesn't stop Sabrina getting on and having her turn too. This is just so much fun!!


Sabrina also finds it's a lot of fun to stand on his feet with all her weight on the heels. She tries her best to penetrate his shoes and dig into his barefoot. Margo wants a go and not surprisingly has similar ideas. These two are as sadistic as they are beautiful. They now have another plan and use the bar to aid them whilst torturing their slave. He lies over it like a dead body (maybe soon he will be one!) as both beauties walk over him repeatedly in their heels. Great close-ups as the torture goes on and on. They use the ceiling for balance as they deliberately make every step as painful as possible, in true Cucciolopage style!


Cucciolo doormat is on the ground again, under both girls as they trample his chest at the same time. Margo then takes the opportunity to get on by her self and go back on her heels again. The split second she transfers her weight, Cucciolo lets out a scream. It's the same when Sabrina has her turn. These girls have a destructive weapon with their body weight and heels combining so well. This is indicated when they march on him again, surely he must have a cracked rib by now! Especially when the girls start jumping again, Margo in particular really takes off like a jumbo jet and lands as heavily as one!


Both standing on his chest was a lot of fun so they try it again but this time facing the other way. Those heels doing their damage, as the girls try it at different angles. Have they forgot there is  a man under there? Surely not as his screams are getting louder and louder. They don't care, but just transfer their weight to either heel, sinking deeper into him every time. Total nightmare next as the girls have had yet another idea. Why not balance Sabrina on Margo's shoulders to double the torture? Cucciolo cannot believe his eyes as 50kg has suddenly become 100 and Margo's heels now sink deeper than ever. Cucciolo's screams have now unsurprisingly reached new levels in this amazing sequence.


Single heel trampling next as he is forced to lick the sole of Sabrina's other foot. Margo has a better idea when it's her turn, she rams her heel into his mouth and then transfers her whole weight onto it! Sabrina is inspired and also gives it a go (wow, this girl has fantastic legs!) Both girls then stand on his chest again, but this time each putting their full weight on one heel. Sexy to watch, agony to endure. Next Margo steps on his throat and rams the other heel in his mouth. She is so dominant this girl and has a heavy influence on Sabrina who always seems to copy her! Cucciolo sucks her heel like a madman, maybe he is enjoying it too much!


Some fitness training now as the girls go for a walk on his chest. Back and forth they go, as Cucciolo concentrates hard to cope with the onslaught. This is easy compared to what happens next as Margo stands on his head! All her weight on one foot as her heel digs into his cheek, Stryder style! You guessed it, Sabrina wants her turn and her heels are even sharper, this is simply fantastic!!! Face standing next as Margo places both boots on him and releases her full weight. Sabrina has her go and almost kills him! The abuse goes on as Margo does it again but facing the other way, Cucciolo is getting a beating more than he has had for a long time. Margo won't get off his face and this time, one of her heels is in his mouth again. She even stands on his hands as they are placed on his face. His mission is to lift her up, well it goes wrong, as Margo loses her balance. The pictures tell the whole story! If you are going to smash a man's head you might as well do it on a hard floor, so both angels step on his head again but this time with no mattress. Complete madness, there are no other words for this fantastic and extreme action.


Still it goes on as both girls step onto his arms, they obviously intend to crush every square centimeter of his beaten body. They even ram heels into his cheeks and mouth as they flatten his arms. His hands are still intact so Margo has a solution and it involves a chair. She jumps on them from it, you can actually hear a crunch sound as she lands. Sabrina then has an idea, why not put his hands underneath the chair legs as they both climb aboard? Cucciolo's screams tell a story as good as a million words as do the close-ups of the holes that are left in his palms. The girls don't care and continue to step over and grind his hands into the hard floor under their full weight. Bad enough but even worse when the abuse involves these heels. Tongue crushing next as the girls seem to especially enjoy teasing him whilst they step on it. Poor Cucciolo!


Those dreaded shoes are finally off and we get to see their gorgeous feet at last. Lucky Cucciolo also gets to kiss them and also ends up with them slapping him in the face as well. Stomach crushing again but all weight on toes, not the kind of bare feet trampling Cucciolo was hoping for! They change directions but the action and effect stay the same. They dance on his belly with his back against the wall next, this video is never ending! Breathing suddenly gets a lot more difficult as they both jump up and down on his chest at the same time before standing on each other's feet to double the pressure. These gorgeous girls are simply amazing as new positions keep coming, each one as exciting as the last.


Not his arms again!! This time in barefeet they are crushed under both girls, as are his poor hands. Mind you compared to when the girls were wearing their shoes, this is a bit of a massage. The facestanding isn't though as the weight is transferred to the toes to make it more difficult with Margo and Sabrina just climbs on clumsily to make it harder as well as getting in a sitting pose.....these girls are just so creative! Classic double head standing action to finish, 2 sexy feet belonging to different girls pressing on Cucciolo's head. Finally it is over, the girls have nothing more to prove. Perhaps Cucciolo will think twice before criticising them next time!


Never before has there been a video available with so much trampling in different positions. Every inch of Cucciolo's body ends up under beautiful female feet. Always exciting, sometimes extremely dangerous, this video is an absolute treat for extreme fans. Go for it!!





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